About Us

Who We Are?

TJL Solutions Ltd, a TJL company. "TJL" is our trademark.

At the end of 2002, we focused on high level Li-ion polymer battery, for good quality, we honorly gained the cooperation with "Polaroid".

In the middle of 2003, we started to design and develop the cap lamp which is much lighter and brighter than the  traditional one, and proceed mass production in the middle of 2004,  our product gained two patents in South Africa by our exclusive agency.

In TJL, we continuously develop and improve products to cater our customer specific needs.  Our products have earned a reputable high quality standard and won an award of 50 Best Patents in China.  Our business has expanded rapidly in a broader spectrum of LED lighting products which includes LED T8 tube lighting, LED proflie lighting, LED bulbs and more.  They are environmentally friendly, energy efficient, ultra long lifespan and maintenance free.

High quality and creative design are our core values that we do everything we can to ensure our products not only meeting the highest quality standards but also beyond the industry practice. 

TJL is rated “AAA” class, the top class in its category, by China Electronic Commerce Association Approved by Chinese parliament proofing our unceasing efforts to keep our products to be the best among the best.  Apart from continuously designing new products and improving our currently products, we also ensure our products are in line with the international standards such as ISO9001:2015, CE, FCC, ROHS, IEC Ex, ATEX,SABS and many more.

Our goal is to provide best performance and quality products at a reasonable price.  Best products do not come in a box but along with the outstanding services.  Our team is devoted to serve our customers to ensure full satisfaction of both our products and services.



Our Philoshopy

Credibility, Reliability, Innovation, In step with the world.